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The Importance Of Taking Time Out For Yourself

In today's busy world we are always on the go and even though I’m always helping others to relax, my weeks are always busy.

So, over the years I’ve learnt to prioritise time out for myself so I too can avoid burnout.

Plan, plan, plan

At the start of every year, I try to plan out my calendar as much as I can to schedule in breaks throughout the year, so I know I have quality time out already planned relaxing with my loved ones.

There’s nothing I love more than a family trip away to recharge and reconnect whilst making the best memories together.

These times spent together bring me so much happiness and joy whilst also helping to reduce my stress levels.

It also means that when I come back, I’m refreshed and have the best energy to give all of my clients.

Taking time out to relax and socialise is known to boost your productivity levels and helps to give you better mental clarity too.

Have you ever found that having some time off increases your focus and concentration when you get back to work? I invariably get the best ideas when my brain has the chance to rest!

I always find taking a break away for a few days gives both my mind and body a chance to rest and relax whilst recharging my batteries.

Whether I’m taking a short drive to a new place or jetting off to another country, exploring consistently helps to keep me to stay creative and inspires me with new ideas to bring into abwr.

Find ways in which you like to relax

Everyone is different in how they like to switch off and relax.

Some people like to fully unwind by immersing themselves in a full spa day; whilst others prefer to actively rest by taking time out to run a 10k or climb a Munro to help them destress and enhance their overall wellbeing. There are no wrong ways to take time out to relax just do what’s right for you.

If you struggle to switch off find some quick and simple ways to relax that work for you. If you don’t enjoy something your mind and body won’t relax fully so you won’t see the benefits of taking the time out.

Some easy ways to relax at home that don’t take much time and are free to do can be:

Meditation: Download a free meditation app and spend 5mins relaxing whilst listening to the meditation and concentrating on your breathing. You’ll find the more you do this practice the quicker and easier it is for your mind to switch off.

Journaling: Journal your thoughts each morning or evening. By taking 5 mins out to write down your emotions you’ll start to understand how your body is feeling and how your day has gone or you can clear your mind first thing in the morning and visualise how you would like your day to go, which is so therapeutic and calming whatever time of day you choose to do it.

Connection: Connect with your body and release any physical tension. This can be done by relaxing in an hour-long bath or by taking the time out to stretch with a few simple yoga poses. By releasing any tension, we have stored within our bodies our cortisol levels will decrease and you’ll find it easier to drift off to sleep.

Create habits

Every week I schedule in at least an hour for myself to have a massage / get my hair or nails done - something to help me relax and feel good that’s just for me.

By establishing these small rituals each day, week and breaks away every few months my body is always getting the rest it needs and my mood is always boosted too as I know I have so many things to look forward to.

In creating a good work / life balance your body will have a stronger immune system as you will have better mental and physical health.

What happens if you don’t relax…

Many people fear that taking this time out will let down colleagues or that they will return to a larger amount of work when they left.

However, if you’re never resting it can be harder to focus, meaning the time you are spending at work isn’t as productive.

Also, if you’re constantly stressed and overwhelmed, going through your to do list at work will take much longer than if you give yourself breaks to refresh and recharge your batteries.

Overwhelm can put your mind and body into a state of constant fatigue, which will make you struggle to concentrate and can leave you in a state of “fight or flight”.

If we don’t take the time out to relax the risks on our health can be huge. Too much stress on our bodies can make us become ill.

Not relaxing enough causes headaches, pain within our bodies, low mood, difficulty in sleeping and so much more.

By planning well, finding ways in which you like to relax and making them habitual you’ll be able to keep your mind and body healthy.

Put your wellbeing first and book in a little time out from your daily routine to have an hours calming treatment with us today to help you to stay relaxed and recharged.

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