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“I was a real cynic about reflexology and also had a bit of a phobia about letting anyone near my feet. However, I was having a few issues and after trying other things I was willing to give anything a try. Within a couple of weeks my stomach issues had calmed. I was sleeping better and my anxiety levels had lowered. The sessions were making a huge difference and I was finding the treatment so relaxing and enjoyable. It helps that Shona has a very peaceful way about her and uses the perfect scented candles and background sounds to help relax you. Highly recommend as an alternative to the usual methods to treat many ailments. Great service.“  

Audrey, 44, Aberdeen

“Had an amazing reflexology treatment with Shona. I felt so relaxed and at ease. It was a wonderful session and I can’t wait for my next treatment.”

Heather, 39, Aberdeenshire

“I had a block of reflexology treatments to help with a knee injury I had through my sport.  I found all of my sessions to be really relaxing.  Every session helped to reduce the pain I had been experiencing from my knee injury.  What I hadn’t expected was the huge improvement in my sleeping habits over the course of the treatments.  I was able to sleep for longer, my sleep was uninterrupted and I woke feeling refreshed.  This was a massive benefit to me throughout my competitive season as it helped me to recover quicker in between all my training sessions. I would highly recommend reflexology treatments to anyone who is looking to improve their recovery, sporting performance and sleeping patterns.”

Lauren, 16, Aberdeenshire

“Completely new experience for me and I was not disappointed. Shona’s therapy left me with a renewed energy and I felt the whole experience was so beneficial. I’ve had several sessions which are beautifully relaxing and soothing, and the care and attention she gives is second to none. Thoroughly recommended! Thank you Shona and I’ll be back again.“

Anne, 62, Aberdeenshire 

“What can I say about Shona: she is one of the most genuine people you will meet. I started attending her for treatment as I was going to be undergoing IVF. She really went over and above. She did extra reading up on my condition, taking her own time to do so. She always treated me with compassion and understanding, whilst being professional at all times. The treatment itself was amazing and I always came away feeling fully relaxed. I couldn’t wait for my next session. Spending so much time with her it became apparent how sincere and invested in her clients she was. I feel truly lucky that I was able to go through this journey with her by my side. You will not regret having Shona perform your treatments. She has a real talent and is a true angel.“

Kirsty, 43, Inverness

“I’ve had multiple reflexology treatments from Shona and have left feeling amazing every time. She is so friendly and is great at what she does and always makes you feel at ease. I work on my feet a lot so I found it very relaxing and even fell asleep during most treatments! The biggest benefit I think I had was I found it much easier to fall asleep at night, whereas before I would struggle to sleep and often had broken sleep too. I would highly recommend Shona to anybody!”

Natasha, 20, Aberdeenshire 

“Can’t recommend Shona enough. Having never been to a reflexologist before and not really knowing what to expect, Shona really put me at ease. From the initial booking, through the over the phone consultation and from the minute I walked into the treatment room, Shona was brilliant. The treatment itself was incredible. So relaxing and calming. I could have lain there forever. I’ve now had two treatments with a third booked, and I can honestly say it's doing what I needed it to do. Shona is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I highly recommend Shona and her magic hands.”

Michelle, 35, Aberdeenshire

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