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Reflexology for Sport Recovery

Did you know that you can recover faster and enhance your training by having regular reflexology sessions?

I work with many athletes from various sporting disciplines.  Whether you’re a professional, semi-professional or just like to stay active, reflexology can be a game changer for your sporting performance and recovery.

How can it benefit you as an athlete?

Reflexology is a fantastic natural and non-invasive therapy which is great in supporting the body in athletic recovery as it helps to :

  • Reduce pain and inflammation within your body, which can speed up your recovery period in between training sessions and injuries.
  • Boost your circulation; this increase in blood flow removes metabolic waste and lactic acid more quickly from the body.  Therefore allowing you to maximise your downtime, so you can train more and improve your athletic performance.
  • Promote a good quality of sleep which is vital for your muscles to recover;  whilst also giving you increased energy levels.
  • Deeply relax any mental and physical tension you may have within your body which is key in helping you to be able to focus more and prepare for any big events and competitions.

It’s so important for an athlete to have a balanced mind as well as body and reflexology is a fantastic way to help promote balance and relaxation within the body which can help with any anxieties before a big performance.

Athletes and their coaches are now so aware of the importance of rest & recovery not just how they train in the lead up to match days/events etc!

Many athletes find reflexology is a great way to switch off, relax and unwind, as it helps them to slow down and connect with themselves, whilst aiding muscle recovery in between performances.

Taking care of yourself is essential in life but even more so when you’re an athlete and putting your body under pressure through lots of training sessions.

There are several famous athletes who have shown their love of reflexology.

Muhammad Ali discovered the benefits of reflexology during his boxing career. He can be seen in this photo having a reflexology session with Richard Minarik. The caption reads: “New York, Sept 28 – FOOT WORK” After a session of roadwork in Central Park, heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali turns his toes over to “foot reflexologist” Richard Minarik. Careful care may keep Ali floating like a butterfly when he meets Ken Norton in a Championship fight at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night. (AP Wirephoto) 1976.”

Serena Williams openly posted on her Instagram in 2019 just after her win against Russia’s Vitalia Diatchenko during the French Open that she was enjoying a reflexology session & downtime with her family whilst staying in the Five Star Peninsula Paris Hotel. “Day off getting reflexology” Serena Williams.

As well as numerous other famous sporting faces!

Whatever your sport is, why not try reflexology out and see what benefits you can gain from it by including it in your training & recovery plan?

If you would like ABWR to help you recover faster please get in touch by emailing info@abwr.co.uk  or by heading to our website www.abwr.co.uk so you can find out more information and make a booking.

ABWR – we are with you every step of the way!

Shona’s a clinical reflexologist who runs her own practice AB Wellness and Reflexology which is based in Chapelton, Aberdeenshire.  Shona’s passion is in women’s wellness and she’s dedicated to improving women’s long-term health in all areas of their wellbeing, through her reflexology sessions. All of which are created to your own unique requirements. Shona’s fully insured and a full member of the Association of Reflexologists.

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